55, 75, 100kW Motor Sizes Introduced

Electric Vehicle Systems & Technology today demonstrated its new full-scale vehicle traction motor system in prototype form.  This new frame size will form the basis for 50-100kW drives and introduces a new compact stator design, greatly improving the power density over the previous 20kW design.

Suitable for mixed-battery and mixed-chemistry operation, this new technology suite now provides a fully-engineered development platform for any manufacturer wishing to add electric drives to any application where safety, robustness or field-serviceability are major concerns. Additionally, the simplified low-CapEx manufacturing process makes short-run manufacturing quite economic. These new motors can be constructed using only common and widely available machine tools such as water-jet cutting and CNC machining. Simplified tooling requirements also mean that new variants can feasibly potentially be produced within weeks - from date of specification to completion of the first units. This same simplicity also reduces the reliance on high volumes to reduce unit cost. 

The era of completely safe EV drives has arrived. 


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