Ultra low voltage drives

Safer, Simpler, Better

Simply unprecedented safety


Utilising our globally patented technology, our new Ultra-Low-Voltage drives are designed to operate down to voltages as low as that of a single electrochemical cell, and yet develop high power at high efficiencies.

The difference in hazard level between our technology and common EV drive systems using 400 volts and above is difficult to overstate. As newer applications using higher voltages enter the market, this difference only increases. Ignoring all other advantages, these avoided risks, alone, are a sufficient reason to consider our systems.


The ULV motor and drive system is simpler to manufacture, implement and maintain, requiring no special skills, qualifications or tools to support in the field.


ULV technology allows the design of drive systems that are robust and reliable, and with a significant degree of "future-proofing ".

If you have an application for which an electric drive system might seem to introduce too many new hazards, we can now show you an alternative approach.

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