Electric Vehicle Systems and Technology Announces Commencement of Operations

Today Electric Vehicle Systems and Technology announced registration of the Company, marking the formal beginnings of the operations.

The Company’s Director Duncan Hedditch explained that its envisaged function was as a “Technical Design House” and that while the long-term objective was to establish itself on the that broader basis, the immediate business of the Company would be the development of drive-train technology for electric vehicles.  Mr. Hedditch commented that “With the closure of a significant part of Australia’s automotive industry, we have a golden opportunity to harness the skills and experience of 40,000 Australian’s to build new businesses and opportunities for the future.” He went on to say that, “While the closure of vehicle manufacturing here is a great loss, it is also a great opportunity, and one which we must make the most of now, because in a short time the world will have made the move to EVs and the ability to make space for a new technical offering will have passed”.

“At this stage we do not have a specific target product, so the next few months will be devoted to an analysis of existing EV technology to see where the fundamental weaknesses are, and where the opportunities are. We aren’t looking for incremental improvements, but rather where we can make a significant difference.”  “We really want to change the way EVs are made.”

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